Stranded Poly students pray for gov't intervention
Posted on: 2014-May-29        
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Wailing Polytechnic students across the country are calling on government to immediately resolve an impasse that has left their lecturers boycotting the classrooms.

The students, most of whom have been left stranded in their various campuses, fear the academic calendar may well be distorted if the ongoing strike linger a while longer.

Polytechnic teachers across the country withdrew their services in demand for the payment of their 2013/2014 book and research allowance.

The National Labour Commission as well as government declared the strike illegal and directed POTAG to return to the classroom.

But POTAG are resolute in their demand.

Per the statutes of the Polytechnic, when a strike continues for three weeks campuses must close down and students forced to go home.

The ongoing strike is entering its third week with no solution yet in sight.

At the Kumasi Polytechnic Luv FM's Erastus Asare Donkor reported the students are idling about on campus with trace of lectures going on.

He said the students, particularly those in the final year are worried all the more because they have no idea whether they would be allowed to take their exams which is only days away.

"It is affecting us in so many ways. We are supposed to write our exams and go for an attachment. But we don't know whether all that will happen," one of the stranded students said.

"We are pleading to the government to come to our aid," she added.

Asare Donkor said school authorities are in a crunch meeting to decide the fate of the students.

He said the meeting will be looking at whether to call for an early vacation for the students and an early reopening for the final year students so they can write exams on the return from their forced vacation.

The situation at the Ho Polytechnic is no different as students walk aimlessly on campus.

Hubert Yevu-Agbii reported that the students are beginning to get worried because the academic calendar may well be pushed forward if the strike continued.

The students claim there are lots of topics yet to be covered and are praying for their teachers to make a quick return to the classroom.

Meanwhile, the Education Ministry as well as the Labour Commission are yet to comment.