Our problem as a nation is laziness, we need to be toughened up – Nunoo Mensah
Posted on: 2014-Aug-12        
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Former head of the Human Security Department of the National Security Secretariat, Brigadier General Nunoo Mensah has said the current situation facing the country is as result of sluggish attitude.

Speaking Tuesday on Adom FMs ‘Dwaso Nsem’ the former security advisor said it was unfortunate for people in the country to sit down doing nothing and expert to enjoy the pleasures of life.

“We don’t want to work and we want to enjoy the good things in life and it is not possible, we have no business complaining if we don’t want to work...“Our problem as a country is that we are lazy, we need to be toughened up”.

He blamed this attitude to indiscipline among the people of the country as well as leadership.

He said it was unimaginable that anyone in Ghana will say they are hungry when there is a lot of arable land in the country on which people can farm and make a living for themselves thereby feeding the country at large.

“With all the land we have in this country it is a disease for anyone to say they are hungry”.

According to General Nunoo Mensah, governments both previous and current have contributed to worsening economic situation adding that all infrastructure put in place by the first president Dr. Kwame Nkrumah have been sold off when they could be used in the development of the country.

“We have sold the shoe factory, jute factory and Ghana Airways, so when we have done this what do we expect?”

This he said, is accounting for the huge amount of imports being made into the country because there are no factories available to provide the needs of people in the country.

Speaking on Ghana’s decision to seek help from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), he said the first step to solving our problems is admitting that things have gone wrong.

“Going to IMF will not solve our problems we will go back to square one”.

He questioned why striking Polytechnic Teacher Association Ghana (POTAG) members should be paid when they are not working insisting that there was no need for them to be paid and that “it will never happen under my watch”.

Current difficulties facing the country he said, should not be seen as a problem but rather an opportunity and a challenge that should spur the country on to do better things.

He admitted that even though it will be difficult to bring Ghana back on her feet, it is achievable if “we all come together and we must be disciplined”.